From Excel to Efficiency: GDPR compliant with digital tool

Although Molecule Consultancy is a small company with 25 employees, they have managed to tackle GDPR without having the resources for a dedicated specialist. They have gone from juggling various Excel sheets and records of business processes to handling all GDPR-related work in a single system. It gives them peace of mind that their GDPR compliance is documented in one place, while the system continuously notifies them of which tasks it's time to tackle.

It is crucial for Molecule Consultancy to be GDPR compliant. Their customers often ask about their handling and compliance with GDPR legislation, and it is therefore important to be able to assure and document to the customer that applicable legislation is complied with.

From inefficient Excel sheets to structured documentation

Initially, they experimented with various Excel sheets, but quickly lost the big picture. Moreover, the Excel solution was both too inefficient and risky:

"It's difficult with an excel sheet to ensure that all aspects are included - both in relation to work processes and systems and not least legal requirements. So we quickly realised that a system would be of great value to us."

says HR & Operational Manager Nanna Rodian Christensen. The choice fell on .legal's GDPR platform Privacy.

The implementation of a GDPR platform has enabled them to document and manage their processing of personal data in a structured way. The platform helps to ensure that they are up to date with the legislation in the area and that they continuously update data processing agreements, consents, etc. An important argument in favour of finding a system for handling was also that a system can not only be used to document compliance, but also helps to keep them on track in their work with GDPR. The system is designed with the understanding that GDPR cannot be seen as a static task that can simply be completed and put away. Instead, it encourages a continuous, iterative approach where GDPR compliance is seen as a dynamic process.

Nanna also emphasises that it gives them peace of mind to know they have their processes and documentation in place should regulators come knocking. And most importantly, to be able to prove to their customers that they comply with current legislation.

The onboarding process and the help built into the platform

It has been necessary to make an initial effort to get all processing activities set up in the system. However, Nanna doesn't think it has been a waste of time at all:

"I see the creation of processing activities as one of the most important tasks, as it provides an overview of business procedures and processes, which can also be very useful in all kinds of other contexts."

Nanna also points out that there are great video guides for each step and that the industry-specific templates have made the initial work much easier.

Features that help make GDPR tasks easier

One of the features that Molecule Consultancy has enjoyed the most is the built-in annual wheel. The annual wheel is a reminder of which tasks need to be addressed on a regular basis. That way, no tasks are forgotten in a busy workday - where GDPR tasks are typically not the first priority. The annual wheel ensures that GDPR work continues and that the rules in the area are complied with:

"Having the platform as a GDPR work tool undoubtedly makes tasks much easier. Without it, we wouldn't know where to start or stop. Now we get regular reminders of the tasks that need to be addressed and we know we're always on top of GDPR."

Another feature that Nanna really likes is the ability to delegate tasks to other employees directly from the platform:

"Firstly, it means that not all the work is in one place (me), and secondly, that the understanding of GDPR is implemented throughout the organisation."

Collaboration with .legal

When working with .legal, Molecule Consultancy has found the .legals support team accessible and helpful. There have been a few times when they have been unsure of how to handle a particular issue, and in these cases it has been nice to be able to contact support and get the necessary guidance.

Nanna also emphasises that the platform has evolved according to their needs and feedback:

"Throughout the process, we've made requests for additions and improvements to functions, which have been listened to and implemented. It's nice that .legal listens to the users and sends out a newsletter when an update has been made."


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