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GDPR journey

GDPR > Theory Everything you need to know about GDPR

This article covers everything you need to know about GDPR to be able to handle compliance tasks for your company. 


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What does ropa mean

GDPR > Records of Processing Activities What Does Records of Processing Activities (ROPA) Mean?

ROPA serves as a tool for organisations to demonstrate compliance with data protection laws and to ensure transparency in their data processing activities.


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Før løbende tilsyn med dine databehandlere

GDPR > Data Processors How to ensure proper data processing and supervision of data processor

When you as a private or public organisation use data processors, you have a responsibility to ensure proper processing and to supervise them.


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GDPR > Data Protection Officer (DPO) What is a GDPR Data Protection Officer? And Do You Really Need One?

What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO), which tasks do they have and do you really need one? Read our guide here.


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GDPR > Theory What Are The 6 Principles of GDPR? + The 7th principle

Read more about the 7 principles of GDPR and why you need to live up to them.


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GDPR > Documentation and compliance GDPR Compliance Checklist: How to Be GDPR Compliant

Want to find out how to be GDPR compliant? Use our GDPR checklist to ensure your GDPR compliance – for small, medium and large businesses.


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How to implement gdpr in 10 steps

GDPR > Documentation and compliance How to implement GDPR in 10 easy steps

GDPR Compliance is essential for any business dealing with personal data of EU residents. Learn in our step-by-step guide on how to become compliant. 


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GDPR > Documentation and compliance GDPR Documentation Requirements: Checklist of Documents Required by EU GDPR

View our full list of mandatory GDPR documentation and documents required for compliance with the EU GDPR.


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How to Conduct Smart GDPR Data Audits – 1

GDPR > Data Processors How to Conduct Smart GDPR Data Audits

Unlock the secrets to smart GDPR data audits by breaking down the importance of GDPR compliance audits in simple terms. Find an easy-to-follow checklist for effective audits and discover how tools like DPA Service and Privacy can make the process smoother. 


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Do You Really NeedGDPR Compliance Software – 1

GDPR > Documentation and Compliance What Is GDPR Compliance And Does It Apply to You?

Learn what GDPR compliance is and find out if it applies to your business and geography. Try our free privacy tool to simplify your GDPR journey.


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