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Johannes Eyolf Aagaard Chief Product Officer
DPA Service combines a powerful GDPR tool with our dedicated DPA Service team to assist you in the audit process from start to finish.

DPA Service Supervision of data processors

DPA Service eases your burden as a data controller and helps you comply with the GDPR regulation by making supervision of your data processors simple and seamless.
  • Legal expertise: Questionnaire prepared by Bech-Bruun and based on the Danish Data Protection Agency's guidance.
  • Dedicated support: Our DPA Service team manages the supervision process and answers questions from data processors.
  • Clear reports: Receive clear management and audit reports with concrete compliance action plans.
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Expert drafted and updated questionnaire

Our thorough questionnaire has been designed by legal experts to ensure you get the best possible support in complying with the current GDPR legislation. With a focus on both current guidance and future changes, you are always up to date and compliant.
  • Developed by legal experts from Bech-Bruun.
  • Based on the Data Protection Authority's guidance and applicable legislation.
  • Continuously updated to ensure compliance with the latest knowledge and practices.
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Get in touch Dedicated DPA Service team

Our DPA Service team is here to support you throughout the entire supervision process, so you can focus on other tasks. We take care of communication with data processors and ensure that all responses are followed up and documented.
  • Managing the supervision process so you can focus on your core business.
  • Contacting data processors and answering queries without causing any inconvenience to you.
  • Ensures full follow-up of responses and documentation.
Michael Berner
Michael Berner Lawyer at the Lægeforeningen
.legal has been the right choice for us. .legal is professional and welcoming with skilled employees.

DPA service in Lægeforeningen

"At Lægeforeningen, we have used the DPA service for a number of years. The responsibility for keeping our data processors in the loop cannot be outsourced, but the control of them can be. .legal has been the right choice for us. .legal is both professional and welcoming, and with skilled employees, including students, we quickly get the help we require. With .legals documentation tools, we feel well prepared for a possible overhaul."

/Michael Berner, Lawyer at the Lægeforeningen

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The 5 steps of the assessment

01. Mapping

You provide .legal with information about the specific data processors that you want to assess. You can read more about how to choose, which processors to assess here. This information is noted in a template that you will receive from us. In addition, we prepare an outline for the process.

02. Dissemination

.legal sends out an information email with a guide on how to proceed with the assessment and  login information to the DPA Service assessment.

03. Completion

The data processors can now answer the assessment. If any questions should arise in relation to the assessment, the data processors have the opportunity to contact the .legal support team. In addition, the support team continuously monitors the received responses and sends you progress reports through the process.

04. Result

The result of the assessment is an audit report for each data processor as well as a management report, which gives you a comprehensive overview of all your data processors' compliance level. In addition, a final statement of the response rate and any notes from the individual data processors will be sent to you.

05. Follow up

Based on the reports' recommendations, you now have the opportunity to assess whether there is a need for follow up. If the data processor has implemented improvement initiatives and wants to repeat the assessment, .legal can be helpful with this.

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Reports Compliance scoring and operational reports

With our score system and detailed reports, you get a clear picture of your data processors' compliance level. Make use of general management reports as well as individual audit reports and get concrete recommendations for possible follow-ups.
  • Weighted scoring system developed by Bech-Bruun experts.
  • Overall management reports and individual audit reports for each processor.
  • Specific recommendations and action plans in easy-to-read reports.

With DPA Service you get ...

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    Audit reports

    The audit reports contain concrete recommendations to help you make decisions for systematically and consistent control of your data processors.

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    Operational management report

    An operational management report gives you a general idea over all your data processors' compliance-level.

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Complete overview and history

DPA Service gives you a comprehensive overview of all your data processors and their supervision. With our user-friendly system, you can easily risk assess and build a history for each processor, as well as find previous audits and reports as documentation.
  • Gathers all your data processors and their supervision in one place.
  • Possibility of risk assessment and audit history for each data processor.
  • Easy access to previous audits and reports as documentation.
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Time-saving and efficient solution

By entrusting the audit process to our DPA Service team, you can save time and resources and focus on your organisation's core business. We conduct the audits and provide operational reports to help you achieve greater efficiency and compliance with the GDPR legislation.
  • Hand over your list of data processors to the DPA Service team.
  • Carry out audits and provide you with operational reports.
  • Save time and resources on supervision and achieve greater efficiency in your organisation.
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DPA SERVICE Getting started

We help you get started easily and quickly
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200 EUR

pr. audit
(minimum of 5 yearly audits)

  • All DPA Service features and reports
  • Help carrying out audits (service team)
  • Unlimited users
  • Onboarding and support
All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Annual payments in arrears, annual commitment.
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