PROCESSING ACTIVITIES AND RECORD Document where you process personal data

Document your work processes where you process personal data with our user-friendly processing activity flow. And get access to your RoPA based on your inputs.

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Processing activities

Document processes

Use processing activities to make your basic GDPR documentation. 

Register whom you process data on, what data you process on them, why you may process it, and how long you store it.

Get an overall overview across processes and see where documentation is lacking.

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GET A GOOD START Use our templates as a starting point

In collaboration with Bech-Bruun, we have made a range of templates on processing activities you can use as a starting point or be inspired by.  

The templates are made within different business areas, such as HR, Finance, Operations, and other things. 

We continuously expand with new templates and design packages targeted at different businesses. 

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With processing activities, you can..

  • Register where you process personal data
  • Get an overview of where there is a lack of documentation
  • Be guided and helped through documentation requirements
  • Get access to a range of templates made by Bech-Bruun
  • Always access your record with a few clicks
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Register systems, data processors, and transfers

Register with whom you share data through our sharing flow. Here, you have the option to add different types of sharing to, e.g. a system supplier, an external bookkeeper or transfers of data to authorities.

Privacy alerts you if there is anything special you need to be aware of. This could, for example, be if you share data with a data processor in an unsafe third country.

If you are a data processor yourself, it is of course also possible to register for whom you are a data processor, so that you can present a data processor list.


Withdraw Record of Processing Activities (RoPA)

When the processing activities are continuously maintained, you can always access your record with a few clicks. Here, you can derive both a 30.1 list as a data controller and a 30.2 list as a data processor.

The list can both be accessed in Privacy, but can also be downloaded in Excel format, so that it e.g. may be sent to a third party.


Collaborate on your documentation

We have built Privacy with the aim that it should be possible to collaborate on GDPR documentation.

Therefore, you have the option of delegating responsibility for processing activities to a specific user or to a business area (to which the users can be linked).

Maybe one person has some information and someone else can supplement the rest. Therefore, it is also possible that several people can work on the same processing activities.

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Document for several group companies

Are you a large group with several companies? In that case, you are required to be able to present an individual list per company.

But perhaps you have aligned certain work processes across the group. We have made it flexible so that several group companies can be registered in the same process, but still, be able to present an individual list.

In that way, you can avoid double registrations.

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