PRIVACY GDPR Privacy guides you through the GDPR work

Privacy is an intuitive and user-friendly platform for your work with GDPR.

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Johannes Eyolf Aagaard Chief Product Officer
Privacy is a user-friendly platform that guides you through your GDPR documentation.

Let us give you an introduction

Privacy is a digital tool for documenting and managing the organisation's processing of personal data. With Privacy, you can automate your GDPR documentation. Document and manage the organisation's processing of personal data so that you can ensure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

With Privacy, you can... 

  • Get started quickly with our templates
  • Be guided through built-in help functionality
  • Prepare, store and get an overview of your GDPR documentation
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VIDEOGUIDES See how it works

View more Privacy videos here

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    General Privacy

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    Standard processing activities

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    Processing activity flow

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    Annual wheel

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    Risk assessment

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Try Privacy on your own or let us help you get started

Get a demonstration of the system based on your needs. Or try the system for yourself with a 30-day free trial.

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Get started easily and quickly with one of our many templates

Get started easily and quickly with documenting your processing of personal data by using our templates developed by Bech-Bruun's legal experts as a starting point. We are constantly expanding with new templates within a number of different industries and business areas.

  • Start from a starting point Our templates have been prepared so that you do not have to start from scratch in your documentation work, we give you a starting point you can base your documentation on.
  • Several types of templatesWe have prepared templates and material you can use as a starting point in several areas, such as: Processing activities, Systems, Risk assessment etc.
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FEATURE Collaborate on your GDPR compliance across the organisation

Collaborate to document your processing activities and risk assessment across the organisation. You can easily delegate the tasks related to the collection of knowledge.

  • Assign users roles based on responsibilities
  • Delegate responsibilities to specific people or business areas
  • Collaborate on the documentation and get an overview of who needs to provide input
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PROCESSING ACTIVITIES AND RECORD Document where you process personal data

Document your work processes where you process personal data with our user-friendly processing activity flow. 
  • Register where you process personal data
  • Get an overview of where there is a lack of documentation
  • Be guided and helped through documentation requirements
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Annual wheel and task management

Get an overview of your GDPR activities with an annual wheel designed for GDPR compliance. In this way, you can ensure that tasks are solved in the organisation through the associated task management board.
  • Plan your organization's GDPR activities
  • Delegate tasks across the organization
  • Get an overview of sub-tasks to be solved in the individual activities

Risk assess your processing activities

Carry out risk assessments of your processing activities and get an overview of your overall risk picture in Privacy.

  • Risk assess your processing activities
  • Use help tools to streamline your risk assessment
  • Get an automatic picture of how critical your processings are
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PRIVACY GDPR in Research

We have developed an add-on module for Privacy that provides access to a number of case management functions. This module facilitates the workflow in connection with obtaining information about which personal data is processed in research projects and the communication between researcher and case handler.


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Benefits of the Privacy GDPR platform

Our ambition with Privacy is that the platform should help you with GDPR compliance from A to Z. That is why we always focus on ease of use so that the platform is easy to understand and accessible to all our users.

  • Create and maintain your processing activities
  • Access your record with a few clicks
  • Get an overview of transfers to unsafe third countries
  • Carry out risk assessments of your processing activities
  • Document your sharing of data with data processors and their sharing with sub-processors
  • Create a system overview and associate systems with processings
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Privacy Get started today - it's free

Start using Privacy by signing up for our free Starter plan and upgrade to one of our paid plans if you need more features. With the paid plans, there's no commitment, so you're free to choose the platform that best suits your needs. Should you want an Enterprise plan, which offers unlimited usage at a fixed price, you are always welcome to contact us.



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  • All Privacy Standard features
  • Unlimited users
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All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Monthly payments, no commitment.
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  • All Privacy Pro features
  • Unlimited users
  • Onboarding and support
All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Monthly payments, no commitment.
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That's what Privacy users say

Testimonial Privacy ENG
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ONBOARDING Easy to get started

We help you get started with using Privacy. Our onboarding specialists ensure that Privacy is set up for you and, in collaboration with you, we create the first processing activities, so that you are well prepared to continue the documentation work afterwards.

If you have already prepared processing activities in e.g. Excel or Word, you are welcome to send these in advance, because then we will start from this in the onboarding process.


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ONGOING UPDATES We collaborate with Bech-Bruun. One of denmarks leading law firms

We have a strategic collaboration with Bech-Bruun. This means that Bech-Bruun's leading experts within GDPR and personal data law are involved in the development of our products.

In this way, Bech-Bruun supplies the legal and professional knowledge for our products, which we then package into specific functions, support material, templates, etc.

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