Risk assess your processing activities

Carry out risk assessments of your processing activities and get an overview of your overall risk picture in Privacy.

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GET A GOOD START Create your own risk template

With Privacy, you get the opportunity to create your own risk template based on a number of risk scenarios made by Bech-Bruun. In this way, you can choose which scenarios you want to include in your risk assessment, but at the same time be helped along by Privacy.

Your subsequent risk assessment of treatment activities will automatically be based on your template.

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Carry out your risk assessments

You conduct your risk assessments through a consequence and probability assessment. Privacy helps you with suggestions for your justifications through our catalogue of consequences.

Your processing activity is risk-assessed based on your responses to the scenarios and gives you a visual overview of the risk level of your processing activity at all times.

Privacy introduces you to relevant data from your processing activities in your risk scenarios. In this way, it becomes easier for you to make a risk assessment based on the context.

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Product updates

Watch our latest product update videos about the Risk Module here - for inspiration and ways to use the module.
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Risk overview

Get an overview of your risk assessments

Get a comprehensive overview of all your risk assessments in the built-in risk matrix. You can also use the matrix as an operational tool and filter specific risk groups.

At the same time, you will also get an overview of your risk score for your processing activities and where you will have to take action based on the score.

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With the risk assessment in Privacy, you can..

  • Risk assess your processing activities
  • Base your risk assessments on risk scenarios made by Bech-Bruun
  • Use help tools to streamline your risk assessment
  • Download risk reports based on your assessments
  • Get an automatic picture of how critical your processings are
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Risk classification

Automatic classification of processing activities

Next to your risk assessment, Privacy makes an automatic classification of your processing activities. Based on your documentation, Privacy provides an image of how critical your processing is.

It could, for example, be a measurement of whether or not you process sensitive data. Or whether you have data processing agreements with your data processors.

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