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Gain control over your vendor relationships with our intuitive Vendor Management module. Streamline vendor onboarding, make quality risk assessments, conduct assessments and audits of vendors, and ensure compliance with ease.


End-to-End Vendor Management

Use our module to manage your vendors from start to finish. Our user-friendly Vendor Management software guides you through each step of the vendor lifecycle with intuitive overviews, risk management, assessments, and automated workflows.

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.legal Vendor Management Software Seamless Vendor Onboarding

Get an overview of your vendors in one place. Manage vendor information and store documentation securely. Access compliance data from other parts of your system, such as which IT systems the vendor is used in and which processes data is transferred to the vendor, to maintain a centralised vendor overview.

  • Get a complete overview of your vendor information
  • Store documentation such as agreements and certifications
  • Compare risk classifications and assessments for your vendors
Vendors risk classifications

.legal Vendor Risk Management Software Comprehensive Vendor Risk Classification

Risk management is all about being proactive regarding potential risks. When it comes to vendors, this is crucial. It would be a shame to secure your own business only to have security compromised by third parties in the value chain.

  • Make multiple and relevant risk classifications for each vendor
  • Use our user-friendly audit builder to define risk templates
  • Get an overview of each vendor's activities and risk levels to identify potential risks
Vendor activites

.legal Vendor Management Software Plan and Schedule Vendor Activities

When handling vendors in terms of both risk and compliance, there will be multiple tasks to carry out. These tasks can involve vetting a new vendor and actions required when making new agreements. They can also include annual tasks such as following up on a vendor and their risk level.

  • Use the intuitive compliance task management to manage vendor-specific tasks and collaborate with colleagues
  • Create template tasks and workflows that make it easy to onboard new vendors, for instance
  • Set recurring vendor tasks and remind the right colleagues at the right time. This could include an annual check of risk classifications, updating agreements, or assessing the vendor
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Continuous vendor audits

Vendor audits Continuous Vendor Audits

A big part of your vendor management is gaining insights into how your vendors handle security. Vendor audits are a powerful tool that allows you to design and send audits to your vendors. Audits consist of a range of question types, giving you the ability to gather information and assess the risk level of each vendor based on their responses.

  • Design multiple audit templates with the user-friendly audit builder
  • Send audits to vendors based on their specific audit frequency and type (e.g., questionnaire, certifications, or declarations)
  • Define risk levels and obtain a risk score for each vendor based on their answers, making it easier to identify where further action is needed
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Vendor audits Access Comprehensive Templates

We want to give you a strong start, which is why we offer a number of templates on the platform that you can use as a foundation. These templates can be used for both risk classifications and audits. You can use the templates as they are or customise them to suit your specific needs

  • Data processor audit template developed in collaboration with Bech-Bruun, one of Denmark's largest law firms. They make recurring revisions and ensure that the template is up-to-date based on current legislation
  • Data processor risk classification based on the Danish Data Protection Agency template
  • More on the way: Based on feedback, we have added a template that can be used to collect declarations. If you want a specific template, we would love to hear from you
  • All our templates are very easy to use and can be plug-and-play, allowing you to get started quickly without extensive setup
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Vendor Management administration Versatile Audit Builder Module

Our audit builder allows you to create templates for exactly the areas you need. You can also create internal assessments and send them to colleagues. The focus of the audit builder is to provide a powerful tool that can be used for both simple and advanced templates.

  • Create assessments that just contain questions, or add a scoring model to generate a report with risk scores based on each answer
  • Create internal assessments and use the module to, for example, follow up on awareness training with your colleagues
  • The only limit is your imagination; the audit module is also used for DPIA reports, screening of data processing agreements, and much more
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Some of the features our customers love

A number of features that our customers like about our Vendor Management Software enable them to streamline their compliance work and enhance their vendor management.
  • Single or multiple audit dispatches

    Do you have a single audit to send now? Or are you planning to send a round to multiple vendors at the same time? The flexibility of the Vendor Management module allows you to do both.
    See all features
  • Flexible risk management

    Do you have suppliers that you do compliance work on in multiple areas? Is the same supplier part of multiple value chains? Make risk classifications in relevant areas such as GDPR or NIS2.
    See all features
  • Audit template versioning

    Reality is constantly changing. It can be both your own business and your processes. It can also be legislation that is being updated. That's why it's important that you can version your audits to always reflect the latest practices. 
    See all features
  • Smart scoring model

    Getting answers to questions from a vendor is one thing, but imagine those questions are also run through a scoring model and you are served a report with both a score and risk level for each vendor. This is what you get with the Vendor Management module.
    See all features
  • Customised vendor flows

    Different vendors will respond differently and it is of course important that the audits you send take this into account. Use anchors and branches to ensure that each vendor is guided through exactly the questions that are relevant to them.
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  • Document storage

    Once you have a complete overview of all your vendors, the next step is to gather all relevant documentation in one place. Use the document library on each vendor's page to upload relevant documentation such as a data processing agreement or a declaration.
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  • Automated Vendor Management with compliance tasks

    Ensure that you and your colleagues continuously review tasks on your vendors. Get notified when it's time to review risk ratings, a new audit round or agreement reviews. 
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  • Plug-and-Play templates with ongoing updates

    There's no need to start all compliance tasks from scratch. Start with our easy-to-use templates so you can start your audits in minutes. 
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ONBOARDING Easy to get started

We'll help you get started. Our onboarding team is ready to help you get started. We'll help you load the first templates if you want to make use of them and give you a good introduction to the Audit builder, which allows you to define the different templates you want to use.

Our team will also show you how to use our audit overview and vendor page so you're ready to work with the different vendor management tasks.


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