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By using Privacy Research, you'll have access to valuable insights about personal data from our team of researchers. This will help you streamline processing times and stay updated on all the research projects you oversee.
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Johannes Eyolf Aagaard Chief Product Officer
With Privacy, we have built a case management module that helps with the registration of personal data in research projects

Let me give you an introduction

We've built the research portal on top of our Privacy platform, and added a handy case manager module to make communication between researchers and case managers on research projects even more efficient.
  • Get an overview of the processing of personal data in research projects
  • Reduce project processing time
  • Upload and access data processing agreements etc.

Register research projects in Privacy

Privacy helps to create an overview of the processing of personal data in research projects. Researchers can register their research projects directly in the platform, and case managers can manage the processing of the projects. Communication between researchers and case managers can also be handled in the system. So you can use Privacy Research throughout the entire process from the start of a research project to GDPR approval.

  • Register research projects in Privacy

    Researchers can easily register their projects in Privacy. Registration consists of a few simple steps. They also get a single overview of their registrations and their status.

  • Reduce project processing time

    The processing of the enrolment is handled in the portal. Submissions can be edited, validated or sent back to the researcher if additional information is missing. The module is built for efficient and clear case management.
  • Communication between researchers and administrators

    Communication between researcher and case manager can also be handled in the system. When new comments are added to a project, an email notification is received. Communication is anchored in the individual projects instead of external emails.

  • Management of contracts on registration

    Upload relevant agreements and contracts related to research projects such as data processing agreements, disclosure agreements, etc. and gather documentation in one place.

Register a research project

Privacy makes it easy for the researcher to register their project with the data controller institution. We focus on making the researcher's enrolment process easy and intuitive.
  • By following a few simple steps, researchers can complete the registration process
  • Document who data is shared with and received from in the project
  • Access a single overview of research projects and their status

Streamline your case handling

Our case management module is designed to make case management more efficient, and our current customers have already seen the benefits. With our module, researchers can spend more time on their research and case handlers can handle more projects in less time.

  • Supplement documentation of projects with relevant information e.g. legal basis
  • Validate, edit or send the registration back to the researcher if further information is needed
  • Allocate projects between administrators

Communication module and notifications

During the case management process, there will typically be communication between the researcher and the case manager. This dialogue will be documented in the comments section of each project so that the communication is saved and can be accessed later. This helps maintain the dialogue and provides a historical overview of the project's progress.
  • Handle all communication about the registration between the researcher and the administrator
  • Receive an email notification when there is a new comment on a project
  • Save relevant communication on the project and access history
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Share contracts and agreements

When sharing data in a research project, either as a sender or recipient, it is typically necessary to have a contract (e.g. a data processing agreement) attached. This documentation can easily be uploaded to the relevant transfers in Privacy, so you can also easily manage the contract flow between the researcher and the case manager on the platform.
  • Upload and access documents. The documents can be draft or final agreements.
  • Link agreements to the relevant data transfer, for example, a data processor
  • Library with all agreements on one contracting party across projects

Project statistics

Get a full picture of your projects with the operational report. Discover how many new projects you have, how many are completed, and the time needed for processing. This module is perfect for organisation reporting and gives case managers an idea of their workload.
  • Clear report with key figures for projects
  • See your average processing times
  • Get an overview of a single case manager or researcher
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Research Price

We help you get started with your GDPR work quickly and easily. Register research projects, manage their processing, access your record and much more.

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6.75 EUR

pr. unit/month
(minimum of 25 units)

  • All Privacy Research features
  • Unlimited users (researchers and case handlers)
  • Onboarding and support
All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Monthly payments in advance, annual commitment.
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A tool for the research process

  • Makes it easier for the researcher to understand what they need to register under GDPR.
  • Easy case management and overview of all projects
  • Unified Article 30 record across research projects
  • Anchoring contracts on research projects
  • Efficient process between case manager and researcher
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