What do I do when the GDPR task lands on my desk?


It's a question that many people are asking. After all, not all companies have a dedicated employee to take care of GDPR. The task of compliance often ends up on the desk of a "random" person, even though they don't necessarily have experience with GDPR. 

Maybe you've tried it?

HR Manager Tinna Bøgeskov Schultz from Min By Media has.

The GDPR ball landed in her court because no one else volunteered, and her position was the one that leaned the most towards something that smelled of GDPR. 

But what do you do when the task lands on your desk? What is GDPR compliance and how do you create an RoPA in the easiest and clearest way possible? Can GDPR be made simple and understandable enough for ordinary people without a law degree to follow? 

The easy choice

Tinna's first thought was that she would just dive into the task of GDPR compliance using templates in spreadsheets and documents. However, she quickly realised that it was too big and comprehensive a project with too many manual and time-consuming tasks. 

She had to think outside the box. 

So Tinna began to investigate whether it was possible to get a GDPR system that could support her in her compliance tasks - preferably without her having to spend more time and energy than necessary.

The choice quickly fell on .legals Privacy platform

Of course, they had to discuss the decision internally, as the manual route with spreadsheets and templates is significantly cheaper at first thought. However, it quickly became clear that the time and effort required to handle it manually was not worth it. If you added up the labour hours, it was a clear advantage to invest in a cloud-based platform. Tinna says the choice was actually quite simple because the .legal Privacy platform met all the organisation's requirements for a GDPR system. And more. 

User-friendly system

First and foremost, the .legal Privacy platform and all its templates, documentation and guides are in Danish, which is a big plus for Tinna. This means she doesn't have to spend unnecessary time interpreting English GDPR legal texts or concepts. 

She also describes the user interface as incredibly user-friendly and found the onboarding to be very efficient and fast. 


"We were up and running super fast. From the time I reached out with an enquiry until I was up and running with the system, it took just a few days. In fact, I was contacted by Mads the day after I sent an enquiry, and later that day I had a trial period and access to the system.


I had a few days to play with the system myself, and then I had a session with Mads, where he went through the system with great explanations that gave a good understanding of the system and compliance. After that, it just worked!"
Quote: HR-chef Tinna Bøgeskov Schultz from Min By Media. 


Today, Tinna has been working with Privacy since spring 2022, and she has no doubt that GDPR compliance can actually be made easy and manageable. 

Everyone can join in

Tinna particularly emphasises standard templates as a good tool. For example, all her regular HR processing activities, such as payroll and recruitment, are ready to be filled in and completed quickly. 

The visual status bars also make it easy for her to get an overview of which activities require action.


"It just works! It's so easy and user-friendly, and I think the function with the overview of how far I am with the different processing activities is brilliant.

It gives me the opportunity to walk to and from the tasks, so I can grab a little compliance if I have an hour to spare here and there.

I'm looking forward to getting started with the annual wheel too, so I get reminders when I need to act on something."

Quote: HR-chef Tinna Bøgeskov Schultz from Min By Media. 


GDPR compliance can be made easy and straightforward and doesn't have to be a headache. Tinna also says that she thinks the Privacy platform is so user-friendly that it won't be a problem to connect others to the system - for example, an HR student. "There are such good guides in the system that explain GDPR concepts that you don't necessarily know, as well as what you need to fill in and why.

Peace of mind and good co-operation

Tinna also emphasises that it is a huge advantage that .legal has a partnership with the law firm Bech-Bruun. This gives her peace of mind because the platform is validated and continuously updated by leading lawyers within GDPR compliance.

It's also great that the Privacy platform recommends 'best practice' in terms of how the legal texts should be interpreted and complied with in different situations. This part can be incredibly confusing for someone who is not trained in law," says Tinna. 

Privacy gives her a good overview and insight that she would never have gained with a solution based on documents and manual checklists. Regarding the collaboration with .legal, Tinna says it's a plus that she actually sees it as a collaboration:


".legal didn't just deliver a system and leave us on our own, but put time and effort into a proper and comprehensive onboarding into the product."
Citat: HR-chef Tinna Bøgeskov Schultz fra Min By Media. 

Tinna also appreciates that the system is often updated with new features, and that as a user of the system you feel heard if you have ideas for improvements or functionality. Having a contact person who is always available to answer questions and review features is also a great advantage.

Get started today

Tinna's clear recommendation to others who are about to start digitising GDPR compliance is to take advantage of all the help and guidance .legal offers both before and after start-up.

And use the system often. Partly to remember how to use the platform, but most of all to keep up to date with tasks and documentation, which is fortunately easy with clear reports.

So to answer our own questions at the beginning, GDPR compliance can be made easy, manageable and understandable through Privacy - even without a great understanding of law.

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