New Privacy Research features 🎉

Since we launched our Privacy Research module, we've received valuable feedback from our platform users. This feedback has led to numerous updates and additions to Privacy Research.

The new features span a broad spectrum – serving both researchers who document and those who process research projects.

The development team and I look forward to you utilizing these new features. Below, I provide a brief overview of them:

Extended Statistical Report with Case Handler Filter

Privacy research statistic report

We have been diligently working on a statistical report that provides an overview of the research projects your organization manages within Privacy Research. The purpose of this report is multifaceted; it offers insights into the number of projects and agreements entered during a specific period and how many are concluded.

The report also displays how long a project has been with the case handler and the researcher. We refer to these durations as "case processing times" in the report.

Lastly, the report provides a comprehensive view of all the projects that have passed through Privacy Research and their current stages.

By default, the report operates at the organizational level, but it's also possible to filter based on a particular case handler or researcher and the projects they've been involved with.

Collaboration Opportunity Among Multiple Researchers on a Project

Privacy research multiple responsibles

Until now, it was only possible to have one responsible researcher per research project. However, in practice, there can be a need for multiple researchers to access the same registration, whether they collaborate on the project or for other reasons.

In Privacy Research, while a project can have a primary person in charge, there's now the capability to add multiple "owners" who can access the project. This way, a case handler can delegate a project to several researchers.

Updated Report Design

Privacy research report

While the report is a crucial part of the Privacy Research workflow, we felt it needed a refresh. We've enhanced the design to present information more clearly both in the user interface and when the report is downloaded.

Extensions to the List Module – Case Handling Times and Data Processing End Times

Privacy research list module

A wealth of useful information is stored within individual research projects. This data can be found in the report and the new statistical module. We've added new parameters to the list module, offering you even more flexibility when overviewing your research projects.

In addition to the above features, we've made several minor adjustments and additions. Our constant focus is on improving your experience with our legal tech products.

We greatly value your feedback and ideas for future features. If you have suggestions or questions regarding the new features or Privacy Research in general, please don't hesitate to contact our support at or 7027 0127.

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