New Privacy features - joint data responsibilty and more

We're thrilled to announce our latest update for Privacy, which introduces several new features and enhancements specifically designed to make managing your GDPR documentation even more efficient, streamlined, and user-friendly.

Introducing Shared Data Responsibility

Joint controller

One of the most significant additions to Privacy is the new transfer type for the processing activity transfer step. This new feature allows you to document instances where you share data responsibility with another controller. Previously, the platform only supported registering transfers with independent data responsibility. Now, with this innovative update, you can record shared data responsibility just as easily.

Not sure if you have collaborations involving shared data responsibility? You can learn more about it on the Danish Data Protection Agency's website: Guidance on data responsibility (see section 4).

Multiple Documents for a Single Transfer

Multiple documents on transfer

We understand that there are situations where you may need to register multiple documents for a given transfer. For instance, you might want to reference both your data processing agreement and an additional contract appendix. Our latest update addresses this need by eliminating previous limitations in Privacy. Now, you can effortlessly refer to multiple documents for a single transfer, ensuring that all relevant information is captured and organized.

Other Improvements

In addition to these exciting new features, we've implemented several other minor enhancements to improve your experience with Privacy. These updates are aimed at making the platform even more intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing you to focus on what matters most—maintaining GDPR compliance with minimal effort.

Getting Started and Support

To start taking advantage of these new features, all you need to do is log in to your Privacy account. The updated platform is ready for use, and we're confident that you'll find these additions incredibly useful for managing your GDPR documentation.

As always, our support team is here to assist if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about the platform. We value your input and are committed to continuously improving Privacy to better serve your needs.

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