Product Update February 2023

We are pleased to announce a range of minor and medium-sized features that have been added to your Privacy platform. These features have been requested by our existing users and will hopefully assist you in your GDPR work. 

Productrelease feb2023

Create Custom Risk Scenarios in Risk Assessment 

Privacy risk assessments are based on several scenarios that are answered based on probability and consequences. Up until now, you have had access to a range of standard scenarios, but there may be a need to include your own scenarios, for example, if you have a specific procedure that is not covered by the standard scenarios that are already available. 

Therefore, we have now given you the ability to create and include your own risk scenarios in the risk assessment. They will be part of your overall risk assessment and will also be included in the risk report that can be downloaded from Privacy. 

Global Security Measures at the Group Company Level 

global security

Up until now, in Privacy, you have had the option to specify that a security measure should apply to the entire business area, for example, that a security measure always applies to HR treatments and systems. If you have a group with multiple companies, it may be convenient to define global measures at the group company level. 

Therefore, we have now given you the option to choose whether a security measure should apply to one or more group companies. Of course, you still have the option to specify this at the business area level and can also make a combination of group company level and business area level in your setup. 

Indicate Storage Location for Sub-processors 


When documenting a system in Privacy, you have the option to indicate where data is stored and where there is support access to the system. You can also indicate the data processor and sub-processor. Up until now, however, it has not been possible to indicate the storage location for any sub-processors. 

However, after this update, we have solved this, so now you have the ability to indicate the storage location for any sub-processors, which will give you a better overview of where your data is located and who has access to it. 

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