ISMS Release – InfoSec & NIS2 Compliance 🥁

We have just embarked on 2024. At .legal, we are starting the new year with the launch of our Information Security Module in Privacy.

This means you can now buy Privacy ISMS. This enables the use of the platform not only for your GDPR documentation but also for other crucial compliance areas such as InfoSec and NIS2.



Compliance is an increasingly growing focus area for many companies. Especially with the emergence of new threats, particularly in the digital realm. The feedback on our Privacy platform has been overwhelmingly positive. Users particularly appreciate the ability to handle GDPR compliance effectively. We also notice a trend where GDPR/personal data and IT security are becoming more and more integrated. Having a platform where the IT department can manage InfoSec compliance, while the DPO maintains oversight of GDPR compliance, is helpful.

User-friendliness remains a core part of our platform, enabling cross-organizational collaboration. And effective use of documentation across units, systems, processes, and suppliers. Automation of parts of the compliance work is also an essential factor.

In developing the Privacy ISMS module, we have focused on meeting the needs of those who wish to use the platform for broader compliance work.

Get an Overview of Your Assets

With the ISMS module, we expand the possibilities for registering assets. An asset could be an IT system, a sensor in your warehouse, etc.

We have ensured that you can register various types of information to achieve a clear overview of your assets. We have also prioritized that the module can be used in many different industries without compromising user-friendliness.

The ISMS module provides you with tools to map your IT portfolio and advance your compliance work.

A Risk-Based Approach to Compliance Work

When it comes to risk assessments within InfoSec and NIS2, our risk module has been expanded. You can now choose a system-based, process-based, or a combined approach to your risk assessments. It becomes possible to conduct risk assessments for different compliance areas. We understand that starting with risk assessments can be challenging. So we have included predefined threat scenarios for NIS2 and InfoSec. You can use these in your risk templates.

We have also released Risk versions in Privacy - read more here.

Create a Plan for Your NIS2 and InfoSec Compliance Work

With the expansion of the annual wheel in ISMS, you gain access to a library of NIS2 tasks, divided into implementation and operation. This helps you select and perform NIS2-related activities. The tasks come with descriptions and checklists to support the activity.

We have expanded the annual wheel with the ability to tag activities. You can now mark whether an activity is relevant for GDPR, NIS2, InfoSec, or another self-created tag. This makes the annual wheel and task management even more flexible. Now it allows you to use it across a wide range of compliance areas.

Get Started with Privacy for Free

Are you interested in trying Privacy ISMS? If you already use Privacy, we offer a free 30-day trial period for ISMS. Don't have Privacy yet? You can start with our free GDPR starter on the Privacy platform and then activate the trial period for ISMS.

You can read more about Privacy ISMS prices here


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We look forward to hearing from you with questions, input, or feedback about Privacy ISMS.

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