Compliance platform Overview: GDPR, Information and Cyber Compliance Software Tools

We offer simple compliance software within GDPR, InfoSec, and Cyber. Let our software help you to be compliant - no matter the size or location of your business.

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How can our Compliance Software Platform Help You?

Use our free compliance platform for your tasks within GDPR, InfoSec, and cybersecurity/NIS2 domains. Or expand to additional compliance areas with our custom frameworks.

  • Registering Processing Activities

    Gain a clear overview of your processing activities. And guidance on meeting the minimum documentation requirements. In areas where compliance is mandatory. Our GDPR compliance platform assists in identifying any gaps in your documentation.

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  • Asset Management

    Use our compliance software to effectively map your IT systems, sensors, and other assets. Obtain an overview applicable to various compliance areas such as GDPR, NIS2, and Information Security.

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  • Record of Processing Activities

    Facing a regulatory inspection or need to provide third parties with insights into your data processing? Our GDPR compliance software enables easy extraction of an always up-to-date record of your processing activities.

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  • Risk Assessment of Processing Activities and Assets

    A risk-based approach is crucial in compliance. Conduct risk assessments in required areas with our Privacy Compliance software. The software provides an efficient tool for your evaluations.

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  • Implementing Security Measures

    Reduce risk in your organization by implementing security measures. Our compliance software provides an overview of implemented measures. Use these for integration into your risk assessments within GDPR, NIS2, and InfoSec. And more.

  • Planning Your Compliance Wheel

    Use our free compliance software to coordinate your compliance activities throughout the year. Choose from our standard packages in GDPR, InfoSec, and NIS2. Or create your own activities for a comprehensive and efficient overview.

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  • Delegating Tasks and Collaboration

    Assign specific compliance tasks through our software. Who should carry out the task, and when? Should their execution be documented? Our compliance task management ensures the right colleagues are notified at the right times.

  • Monitoring Suppliers

    Your compliance responsibility extends beyond your own business. Ensure your suppliers are also compliant using our supplier management and audit service. Continuously overseeing your data processors and providing operational reports and data.

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Privacy GDPR and Privacy ISMS Explore our Compliance Software Tools

Our free compliance software, Privacy, enables you to manage your compliance tasks. Within GDPR and Information/Cybersecurity. Our primary modules, Privacy GDPR and Privacy ISMS, can be used either separately or in combination.

We have developed our compliance software with the user at the forefront. Our platform is designed to be accessible. And it will guide you through your compliance tasks. Our goal is to simplify the documentation process for you and your colleagues. While at the same time automating workflows for streamlined compliance documentation.

Our clients highlight the ability of the Privacy platform to provide clear oversight and effective guidance in the documentation process. Our compliance software acts as an integrated part of your compliance journey. Ensuring you are always up-to-date with the latest compliance rules and requirements.

  • privacy

    Privacy GDPR

    Use the Privacy GDPR for effective personal data documentation. Privacy assists you in:

    Documenting processing activities, conducting risk assessments, planning tasks, and much more.

    • Create and maintain your Article 30 record and fulfil the various documentation requirements of the GDPR regulation.
    • Register how you share personal data and where in the world the data ends up. Stay automatically updated on rule changes you need to be aware of in relation to your sharing.
    • Plan your annual wheel and make sure you regularly review documentation, manage your privacy policy and perform your risk assessments. And much more.
    Read more about Privacy GDPR here
  • Privacy ISMS

    Privacy ISMS

    As digitalization increases, Information Security and Cybersecurity become more crucial.

    Privacy ISMS supports you in gaining an overview of your asset portfolio. Use this to identify vulnerabilities.

    • Use our compliance software to maintain your directory of assets and IT systems.
    • Make risk assessments in different compliance areas where you need to pay special attention.
    • Get started with access to our customised library of Information Security and NIS2 activities. The activities come with a detailed guide on what you need to be aware of.
    Read more about Privacy ISMS here
  • DPA Service: Monitoring Suppliers

    DPA Service: Monitoring Suppliers

    Continuous monitoring of suppliers is a vital part of compliance work. With DPA Service, part of our compliance software, you can perform legal inspections of your data processors. We provide tools and services that enable you to collect and assess your suppliers' level of compliance.

    Read more about DPA Service here
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PRIVACY COMPLIANCE PLATFORM Benefits of Using Our Free Compliance Software Tool

Do you need to document compliance within GDPR, NIS2, or another area? Or are you looking to optimize your existing documentation? Our free compliance software, Privacy, could be your solution. Discover the advantages of our tool below.

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Solves challenges in collaborating on GDPR documentation tasks.

Compliance requires collaboration, with everyone aware of the organization's policies and procedures. Knowledge from various departments is crucial for creating relevant compliance documentation. Our compliance tool facilitates this collaboration. Making it easy to delegate tasks and gather input from colleagues.

  • Collaborate and document in our user-friendly compliance software.
  • Distribute tasks among colleagues and departments for a consolidated overview.
  • Manage documentation across many group entities and efficiently control access rights.
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Get a consolidated overview where all GDPR documentation is stored

When you are dealing with GDPR, NIS2 compliance, or other compliance areas. Ensuring that both existing and new employees can easily access relevant materials is crucial. Do you have a challenge with dispersed documentation in systems like SharePoint? This can be overcome with compliance software that consolidates all documentation in one place.

  • Upload policies and procedures to a central library. Make it easy to oversee versions and documents.
  • Facilitate access to essential documentation for colleagues.
  • Integrate the platform as a key part of the onboarding process for new hires.
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Identify gaps in documentation and progress

Are you confident that your compliance documentation is complete? Compliance is an ongoing process, not a one-off project. Gradually working towards complete documentation is often necessary. Privacy compliance software is invaluable for pinpointing areas where documentation is missing. The platform helps you to meet the minimum requirements. The platform also makes it easy to quickly identify the specific gaps in your documentation.

  • Gain a clear view of the progress of your documentation tasks.
  • Receive effective guidance to discover any missing elements.
  • Get notified of changes that result in new gaps in your documentation.
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Navigate various legal rules

Navigating through the maze of compliance often involves numerous legal regulations. These are on both EU and national levels. Ensuring all relevant rules are addressed can be challenging. Valuable insights can also be drawn from guidelines issued by data protection authorities. With Privacy compliance software, you have a platform that consolidates all these regulations. In one place. While you still need to engage with them, the platform guides you through the process.

  • Receive guidance on meeting the minimum legislative requirements.
  • Access best practices and core data to determine the level of detail for your documentation.
  • Examples of common processes are provided. Enabling you to start your documentation without beginning from scratch.

Get access to guidance and examples to ensure correct compliance handling.

Beginning with compliance documentation can be difficult. Especially regarding content and the level of detail required. Privacy compliance tool offers templates and best practices. These can assist in your documentation efforts.

  • Use our catalog of standard processes (like payroll and recruitment). And standard systems (like Microsoft 365 and SharePoint).
  • Access risk scenarios with associated consequence catalogs (GDPR and NIS2).
  • Use our standard calendar year activities with guides on how to implement them (GDPR and NIS2).
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Reminders during the year

Compliance documentation is an ongoing process. Thus it requires regular revision. To ensure it aligns with how your business operates and current legislation. Delegate tasks to colleagues so the right people are notified at the right times about necessary updates.

  • Plan your compliance activities for the year. Coordinate who is responsible for which tasks. Use our standard activities or create your own “custom frameworks.”
  • Responsible parties receive notifications on the platform. But also via email, and can add tasks to their Outlook calendar.
  • Maintain an overview to ensure tasks are completed on time. So that nothing becomes outdated or neglected.
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Staying informed about changes in GDPR legislation and its impact on documentation

Compliance is always evolving, with updates to existing regulations and directives occurring regularly. These changes may arise at the EU level or from local regulatory authorities. As such, your existing documentation needs continual updates to comply with current legislation. Privacy Compliance software helps you stay informed and up-to-date.

  • Receive notifications via email and within the platform when changes occur. Within the compliance areas, you use Privacy for.
  • Use the platform to identify which parts of your documentation are affected.
  • Obtain detailed guidance on how to update your documentation. All within the platform, based on legal changes.
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PRICES How to Get Started With Our Compliance Software Tools

Our Compliance software is free to start with. Begin with the Privacy GDPR starter pack. Perfect for laying the groundwork of your documentation. Or for setting up your free annual compliance wheel. This package is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses or those taking their initial steps in GDPR compliance.

For those needing more advanced features, we offer additional packages for purchase. These include enhanced functionalities within Privacy GDPR, Privacy ISMS, or DPA Service. Each is designed to meet specific needs. And help you navigate the complexities of compliance requirements.

Whether you're looking to streamline your documentation process, handle more intricate compliance tasks, or ensure in-depth risk management, we have a solution for you. We aim to make compliance as accessible and user-friendly as possible. Regardless of your business size or industry.

For a complete overview of our pricing models and different packages, we recommend visiting our pricing sites. There, you'll find detailed information on each package. Allowing you to select the one that best fits your needs. Follow the links below to learn more about the pricing on our compliance platform.

Privacy GDPR


Use it for as long as you want.
Credit card not required.

  • All Privacy Starter features
  • 2 Users
  • Onboarding and support
All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Annual payments in arrears, annual commitment.

Privacy ISMS

From 1.000

DKK pr. month

  • All Privacy Standard features
  • Unlimited users
  • Onboarding and support
All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Annual payments in arrears, annual commitment.
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DPA Service

From 7.500

DKK pr. year.

  • All DPA Service features and reports
  • Help carrying out audits (service team)
  • Onboarding and support
All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Annual payments in arrears, annual commitment.
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What Is a Compliance Software Tool?

Compliance software like Privacy is often an online platform designed to assist with your compliance tasks. The right software can aid you and your colleagues. In both developing and managing documentation effectively.

With suitable compliance software, you gain access to the features necessary to meet various compliance requirements. Such as:

  • Documentation of processing activities.

  • A risk module for risk assessments.

  • Storage and access to relevant policies and procedures.

  • Supplier management and data transfer registration.

  • Documentation of assets and your IT portfolio.

  • Storage of agreements.

  • Annual wheel for planning compliance activities.

  • Incident log for recording data breaches and similar events.

Considering compliance software? Read our article on GDPR compliance software to inform your decision-making process.

An effective compliance tool is also tailored to meet the user's varying needs. This can be achieved through standard software modules, including:

  • User and role management.

  • Audit log of changes.

  • Appropriate security measures.

  • Integration with Active Directory (AD).

How to Choose the Best GDPR Compliance Software Tool for You

Selecting the right compliance software tool is crucial. It helps you ensure your business adheres to different regulations. Here are some key elements to consider to make the "easy" choice and try the tools from .legal.

  • Scalability It's important to choose a tool that can scale with your business's growth. As your business evolves, your compliance tool should be able to handle increased demands and larger volumes of data. A scalable tool ensures that you won’t need to switch systems as your business expands.
  • User-Friendliness An intuitive interface is essential for smooth implementation and adoption. The tool should be easy to navigate and understand. Enabling all employees, regardless of their technical or legal background, to use it effectively.
  • Customization Options The ideal tool should allow for customization to suit your business's specific needs. This means you can tailor the tool to meet unique business requirements. Making the compliance process more relevant and efficient.
  • Price and commitment Consider both free and paid versions. Free versions can be a great starting point for small businesses or startups. While paid versions offer advanced features for larger enterprises with more complex needs. At the same time think about at the commitment period you make with the supplier.
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