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Easily maintain GDPR compliance with our free complimentary Data Protection Officer Tool. Streamline your data protection duties and achieve GDPR compliance stress-free.
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Minela Mujacic Legal Counsel, Bunker Holding
The privacy system is intuitive, user-friendly and creates a good overview of our large data flows. The .legal support team has made the process seamless for us.

Introduction to the DPO tool

Let us present our Data Protection Officer tool (DPO tool) Privacy.

We have designed Privacy to assist you and your team with your GDPR compliance work. The Privacy DPO tool redefines how you can handle documentation. The Privacy tool makes it simple to organize, navigate, and keep an eye on your GDPR compliance.

With "Privacy", you can:

  • Get started right away with the aid of our templates.
  • Navigate yourself through the DPO software's built-in help functionality.
  • Prepare, store, and gain an overview of your GDPR documentation all in one place.
  • Begin at your own pace with no initial cost using our free plan.
  • Collaborate with your colleagues, external advisors, and stakeholders.
  • Stay updated when the law changes. You'll also get alerts on parts of your documentation that need revision.
  • Use the platform for GDPR compliance. Plus, get help to keep your documentation current.
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Why do I need this DPO tool?

The benefits of data protection compliance are many. Having a data protection officer software on hand can simplify this task. During the implementation phase, as a data protection officer, you want to ensure that:
  • You've described all processes, kept them up-to-date, and incorporated inputs from your colleagues.
  •  You have a functional annual wheel, and you inform the relevant stakeholders.
  • You align your compliance documentation with new EU laws and local regulations. Additionally, you follow legal guidelines.

After setting up GDPR Compliance in your organization, you must keep it updated.
GDPR and Privacy aren't projects; they are ongoing processes. It's essential that your colleagues and stakeholders understand their responsibilities. Updating documentation should be easy for your team. They need to know where and how to make the right updates.
A Data Protection Officer platform is vital in this context. It helps remind your colleagues about their tasks. It also guides them, so they know what to be cautious of.
As a DPO, you can track progress and ensure tasks get done. This gives you more peace of mind on GDPR compliance.

Experience easier GDPR compliance. Try our free plan today.

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Benefits of our Enhanced GDPR compliance tool

We designed our GDPR Compliance tool for DPOs to help you manage GDPR tasks. We focus on the users of the platform.
We focus on providing a user-friendly platform. It's designed to guide you and your colleagues through your compliance tasks, like:
  • Mapping data
  • Registering data processors
  • Making risk assessments
  • Set up an annual wheel
Our goal is to make your life as a DPO easier. Focus on your main tasks and let the Privacy DPO software manage the routine ones.

Get started with ease

GDPR is for everybody, but not everyone has the time to work with GDPR 100% of their work week. That's why we aim to have the most user-friendly DPO compliance tool on the market. Our platform succeeds because it guides users where they need it most.

Start at your own pace with our free plan

Compliance is a marathon, not a sprint. You can't achieve everything instantly. With our Data Protection Officer tool, we aim to support this ongoing process. That's why we offer a free plan. Begin at your pace, and only commit to payment when you're ready.

Developed together with leading GDPR experts

The best GDPR software should stand out for its product features. Just as vital, it demands a strong legal foundation. That's why we've partnered with one of Denmark's leading law firms, Bech-Bruun. They contribute their expert knowledge in GDPR compliance.

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Kaspar Ravn Rochholz GDPR coordinator, DMJX
.legal has really understood what it means to create a user-friendly and efficient solution. Privacy is an attractive product compared to price and functionality.

Product features

Our goal is that you can use our Data Protection Officer tool for all your documentation needs. To achieve this, our platform provides various modules to aid your work. Some of the key features you'll find include:
  • Data mapping and records
  • Risk assessment
  • Annual wheel and task management

Data mapping and record of personal data

We crafted our DPO tool to streamline your documentation process. Simple is best. Why bother with lengthy surveys and complex screens? In that case, you could use Excel instead.
Our GDPR software guides DPOs. It makes navigating their documentation effortless.
Privacy aids in handling the most demanding documentation tasks. This includes both creating the documentation and maintaining an overview. For example, the platform indicates where you need input for an Article 30 record.
It also provides a clear view to help you register all your data transfers.

Assess the risks of your processing activities

Compliance work often hinges on risk assessment. Use your DPO software to carry out risk assessments. This way, you spot potential problems before they happen.
This is why GDPR risk assessments are an integral part of your compliance work. For this reason, the Risk module in our Data Protection Officer platform is central.
Conduct a risk assessment for each processing activity by evaluating consequences and probability. Gain a visual insight into your risks and produce a report to share with management.

Annual wheel and task management

Setting up documentation is key, but keeping it current is just as vital. It's important to see if your process notes truly reflect real-world data actions. Regularly review policies, including your privacy policy, security policy, and other central documents.
The Annual Wheel in our DPO tool is central to your daily GDPR duties. It sends timely tasks to you and your team, giving you a clear view of where you stand, and helping you stay on top of compliance.
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Privacy Get started today - it's free

Start using Privacy by signing up for our free Starter plan and upgrade to one of our paid plans if you need more features. With the paid plans, there's no commitment, so you're free to choose the platform that best suits your needs. Should you want an Enterprise plan, which offers unlimited usage at a fixed price, you are always welcome to contact us.



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  • All Privacy Standard features
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All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Monthly payments, no commitment.
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DKK 60

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  • All Privacy Pro features
  • Unlimited users
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All prices are exclusive of VAT and any taxes.
Monthly payments, no commitment.
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