New features: Privacy - November 2023 🌟

We're thrilled to introduce the most recent features to our Privacy product! With this update, we've added four new features that are aimed at making your data security and compliance tasks even more efficient.

Link between systems and policies

Privacy Starter · Privacy Standard · Privacy Pro

It is now possible to make a link between your systems and the policies that are relevant to it. This way you always have an overview of how your documentation affects each other. 

Link policies to systems


Weekly email with task notifications

Privacy Starter · Privacy Standard · Privacy Pro

You will now receive a weekly email with task notifications from Privacy. The email provides a list of tasks that are close to deadline as well as tasks that are already overdue. You will only receive task notifications for the tasks you are responsible for or tasks that are within your business area. 

Task notification


Shared responsibility on processing activities 

Privacy Pro

Are there more than one of you collaborating on the same processing activity(ies)? Then you now have the option to specify shared responsibility for these. A processing activity will always still have a primary responsible, but you can now add multiple “sub-responsibles” to the activities. This can be used to advantage in relation to role management if you have roles that restrict what data individual users can see.

Shared responsibility


Add contacts to companies

Privacy Standard · Privacy Pro

Add contacts to a company in Privacy, so you always have your suppliers contact information at hand. Add name, email, phone, type of contact and primary contact. There is no limit to how many contacts you can add. 

Add contacts to company

Add contact person

We hope you will enjoy the new features 🎉

Get the full overview of these and all existing features here.

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