2023 Product Direction

Welcome to the year's first update from the Product Team where we give you an introduction to our Product Direction in 2023

As you can read in this article our product journey throughout 2022 has been great. Thanks to a new strategy in our developing team, we introduced several new modules - in fact, we actually went from presenting 4 releases to 40 releases a year. An exponential increase, we are really proud about.

But enough about 2022. What are the plans for 2023?

The new year has begun, and we are already working on some exciting things that we cannot wait to share with you. It is going to be yet another year in which a lot of new functionality is going to be introduced to our platforms.

In the video below, Chief Product Officer Johannes Aagaard gives a sneak peek into the functionalities we will be working on in the first half of 2023. 

Note: The video is in Danish.


HubSpot Video


We are working on your feature requests

One thing we can reveal is the fact that we continuously work on developing functionalities requested by you who use the Privacy platform in your daily work. We want to emphasise that we appreciate the feedback we receive, and are happy to collaborate with you to make our products even better.


Custom Permissions

One request we have heard from multiple users, is the opportunity to decentralise one's documentation task. We are currently working on this new functionality, but what does this actually feature?

With the new functionality, we will introduce Custom Permissions which allows you to define who should see what in the Privacy platform.

Imagine this... 

  • You would be able to define roles in the Privacy platform, e.g., project leader, legal, GDPR responsible, etc.
  • In this way, you can decide who should see what on the platform.
  • And they can contribute with different inputs to the documentation.

What is in it for me, you might think... 

  • It is easier for you to implement the Privacy platform and the work with GDPR documentation in the organisation - also for colleagues who do not necessarily concern themselves with GDPR in their daily work.
  • Improve your collaboration throughout the organisation by delegating the different tasks related to your GDPR documentation. 
  • Avoid noisy and confusing elements by customising the individual roles' view. 


The features listed above are only a little extract of functionalities we will be working on in the first part of 2023, and eventually, introduce in the Privacy platform. 

We are very eager to reveal more details and dive into how the new functionality works in practice. As always, you can stay tuned for our releases in our product blog.

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