Security archive

This is the archive page for security where you can find changes in our security measures. 

You can also download documents as PDF.


1. IT Security Measures
2. GDPR Security Measures



1. IT Security Measures

01.10.2022 - Download PDF

  • Conformity with ISAE-3402 headings
  • Language update
  • Specification of segregation of duties
  • More enforced employee access
  • Mandatory confidentiality agreements for both employees and subcontractors

22.08.2022 - Download PDF

  • Privacy backup (only Pactius before)
  • Data location destined for Western Europe
  • High availability for our services
  • Higher security
  • Specific procedure for handling breaches

31.03.2022 - Download PDF



2. GDPR Security Measures

29.08.2022 - Download PDF

  • New and more accurate structure
  • More in-depth descriptions of security measures

31.03.2022 - Download PDF

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