Release notes May 2022, news for Privacy add-on clients

This is your May product update on the .legal platform Privacy. The purpose is to give you a firsthand view of our latest updates.

We hope you enjoy the new processing activities, the risk module, and the other updates we have already made to Privacy. We are constantly working to improve the product and the next update will be "Systems".

The new design is based on what you already know from processing activities. You will see an updated design on the systems page, both the overview of your systems and the overview of a single system.

In addition to the design, we have updated the creation and editing of systems. In the future, this will be done in a flow, in the same way as you know it from the processing activities. At the same time, a number of shortcomings will be corrected in terms of linking systems to processing activities.

Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about the new Systems or any other questions about Privacy.

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