New features: Privacy - April 2024 🥳

We are thrilled to share the news of the recent successful launch of several new features in our Privacy product. This release reflects our commitment to improve our platform based on valuable insights and feedback from our customers.

Extension of annual wheel to plan tasks 2 years ahead  
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We've introduced an extension of our annual wheel functionality to now accommodate planning up to two years ahead. So when you schedule activities you can now choose that they should be carried out every 24 months. This enhancement provides our users with greater flexibility and foresight in their long-term planning strategies.

24 months interval planning

Assign a responsible for each group company when planning annual wheel tasks 
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When scheduling annual wheel activities and using the group company selector, you now have the ability to designate a responsible user for each group company. Beforehand, you could only have one responsible on an activity across all group companies. The new feature thereby ensures that tasks aren't solely assigned to one individual responsible, promoting balanced distribution of responsibilities across group companies. 

If you select that an activity should apply to one or more group companies you can now choose a responsible in the list as well. Consequently, a unique task for each selected group company and belonging responsible will be available in the task management. 

Responsible per group company

Responsible per group company 1

Edit title, description and subtasks on standard annual wheel tasks 
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Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that it is now possible to copy a standard annual wheel task. The copy will inherit all information (title, description and subtasks) from the standard activity, and you will be able to edit the information so it fits your needs. 

Click "Copy" in the overflow menu on the activity you want to copy. You can now edit the title, description and subtasks on the copied activity. If you want to plan the copied activity later on, you can find it later under "Schedule activity" > "Own activities". 

Copy standard annual wheel task

Edit standard annual wheel task


Set responsible on policy 
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You can now add a responsible to a policy in Privacy. Simply add the responsible when you create or edit a policy. The responsible will be visible in the overview over policies and on each policy page.

Create policy

Data source on a processing activity
Privacy Starter · Privacy Standard · Privacy Pro

Add a data source to your processing activities. In step 2 "Data subjects" it's now possible too add the data source. Choose whether the data source is the data subject itself or an external data source. You can also add the data source to your custom lists. 

Data source

Role of recipient added to the record 
Privacy Starter · Privacy Standard · Privacy Pro

Finally, we've added the role of the recipient to the record. You can thereby see if the recipient is a data processor, sub-processor or data controller. The role also appears from the Excel export. 


We hope you will enjoy the new features 🎉

Get the full overview of these and all existing features here.

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