Privacy Pro

Take control of your GDPR documentation with Privacy Pro - the ultimate solution for organisations that want effective collaboration and tailored access.

Advanced user and role management

Privacy Pro's advanced user and role management allows you to customise access to GDPR documentation for each individual employee. With this feature, you can create a more efficient and secure workflow that fits your organisation's exact needs.
  • Customise roles to optimise work processes and increase safety
  • Promotes responsibility and clarity among staff with specific tasks
  • Makes it easy to scale and adapt roles as your organisation grows

Comment function in processing activities

Privacy Pro's commenting feature in processing activities centralises and streamlines communication around GDPR documentation. Keep track of the dialogue and get faster feedback directly in the platform, reducing the need for external emails and misunderstandings.
  • Improves communication and co-operation between different departments
  • Keeps all parties involved informed and updated on changes and progress
  • Makes it easy to track and reference previous discussions and decisions

Custom lists

With Privacy Pro's custom lists, you get a flexible and customisable tool to create an overview of your GDPR documentation. Customise the lists to your organisation's unique needs and make it easier for everyone to validate and collaborate on collected data.
  • Tailor lists to get exactly the overview your organisation requires
  • Facilitates cross-departmental collaboration and data validation
  • Make it easy to add, edit and organise information as needed
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Privacy Pro

Get access to all standard and pro features with the Privacy pro plan.
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  • privacy

    Advanced user and role management

    Customise access and roles in your organisation to optimise work processes and increase data security.
  • notifikation

    Comments on processing activities

    Centralise communication around GDPR documentation and improve collaboration between different departments.
  • Icon papir

    Custom lists

    Create a customised overview of your GDPR documentation and make it easier to validate and collaborate on data.
  • Ikon

    Single sign-on Azure AD

    Simplify access to the platform for your colleagues by integrating Privacy Pro with Azure AD for easy and secure login.
  • DPA

    All Privacy standard features

    Of course, the Privacy pro package includes all features from the Privacy standard. See all features here
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