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Bunker Holding Privacy Testimonial
Minela Mujacic Legal Counsel, Bunker Holding
The Privacy system is intuitive, user-friendly and creates a good overview of our groups large amount of data flows. The .legal support team has made the process seamless for us.

.legal Privacy Platform Overview .legal’s Privacy Management Software

With Privacy, we've designed a user-centric compliance platform. Our focus has been on creating a platform that offers modules to automate your compliance work. These are designed based on two main needs. The first is the need for an overview of documentation and quick identification of any gaps. The second is the need for guidance through various documentation requirements encountered. Such as GDPR compliance. Our GDPR Compliance Software merges these needs. It is automating several of your documentation tasks to ease the compliance workload. Both for you and your colleagues.

With Privacy, you can:

  • Easily map data processing and sharing with suppliers and data processors.
  • Gain an overview of your consents, deletion deadlines, and security measures.
  • Conduct risk assessments and document mitigation measures.
  • Automate your data protection work and plan compliance activities with the Privacy Annual Wheel.
  • Record incidents and ensure correct handling through the central incident log.
  • Create governance and collaborate on GDPR documentation. Use the user and role management for colleagues. And get the ability to delegate tasks and approval functionality.
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Privacy Compliance and Regulations

Compliance has increasingly become a focal point and is essential in running a business. GDPR compliance, information security compliance, and cybersecurity compliance. All these are key areas shaping the operations of companies. Compliance requirements are growing in scope and complexity. With new regulations being continually added. These requirements are not just administrative burdens; they serve an important purpose. By protecting personal and sensitive data, they contribute to a more secure and trustworthy business environment. Which is benefiting both companies and consumers.

GDPR is one of the most talked-about and comprehensive sets of regulations. This imposes strict requirements on the handling of personal data. This includes the collection, storage, and processing of data. The aim is to protect individual rights and privacy. Information security compliance deals with the protection of all types of data. And securing networks and systems against threats. Cybersecurity compliance addresses the increasingly frequent threats from cyberattacks and data breaches. Which is a constant challenge for businesses.

With the rising demands of compliance, keeping everything in check can be challenging. This is where Privacy Management Software becomes a crucial aid. These tools enable companies to effectively manage and monitor compliance requirements. This encompasses risk management, governance, and adherence to various regulations. The software automates processes. And ensures that companies comply with necessary laws and regulations. This automation is not just a time-saver. It is necessary to ensure that businesses can focus on their core operations. While complying with legislation and protecting their customer's data.

In a world where data has become a crucial resource, compliance is no longer just an option. It is an essential part of running a responsible and sustainable business.

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Benefits of our privacy management software

Below, you can read more about a selection of modules in our GDPR Compliance platform, which can assist you in your GDPR compliance work.
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Data Mapping and Discovery

Do you have an overview of where personal data is processed in your organization? And do you know which third parties you share personal data with? Both are essential aspects of your compliance work. And they form the foundation for a range of other compliance tasks you need to carry out.

Data mapping is a significant aid in forming this overview. It involves documenting the data you process 'internally within the organization'. And the data you share with third parties, such as an IT supplier or an insurance company.

But how do you get started with data mapping? One option is to use an Excel template. But this can quickly become complex, and you may soon exceed the sheet's capabilities. A data mapping tool can be a great advantage in this case.

In our free Privacy management software, through our 'processing activity module', you are guided through your data mapping. We've designed a flow specifically to help you map the data processed in various processes and/or systems. The platform also aids in gaining an overview of your suppliers and third parties. Including the data you send them, and their data protection roles.

Starting your data mapping with a tool like Privacy can be beneficial. As it builds your foundation in a platform specifically designed for this purpose. You can start small, for instance, by mapping your HR processes and then expanding your documentation from there.

One of the significant advantages of using the Privacy Management tool for your data mapping is that it instantly and easily provides access to mandatory documentation, such as an Article 30 record.

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Link your compliance data Data processes, assets and vendors

To gain an overview and become compliant, it's essential to have insight into the same information from various angles. For instance, if you process personal data during recruitment. Here it's crucial to document how you handle personal data in your specific recruitment process. When recruiting, you also input applicants and potential employees into your recruitment system. Because of that, you need to document how this system processes your personal data. Additionally, if your recruitment agency accesses these personal data. You must be able to document and ensure that they comply with your level of compliance. And adhere to your data processing agreement.

Your compliance documentation needs to be viewable from multiple angles. Here, a Data Privacy Management System can be a significant help. Such a system can create the necessary links between processes, assets, and suppliers. So you don't have to document the same things in multiple places.

For example, this could include information like deletion deadlines, security measures, legal bases (e.g., consents), what personal data is processed, who it's processed on, and the purpose of processing. I want to view many of these pieces of information from different angles. But I don't wish to duplicate and maintain them in several places.

With the Privacy GDPR Compliance platform, you are assisted in this process. So your inputs to the platform are automatically distributed and correctly categorized. This way, your Privacy Management Software becomes a helping hand for you.


Risk Assessments and Impact Analysis

GDPR compliance, like many other areas of compliance, is a risk-based approach. Proactively identifying potential risks before they occur is essential. Therefore, your risk assessments form a significant part of your compliance work. Here, you can assess a specific risk based on different threat scenarios. And look at the consequences and probabilities.

When discussing risk assessments in relation to GDPR, the focus is on assessing the risk for 'the data subject'. You need to evaluate the risk to individuals whose personal data you are processing. An example might be the risk of personal data (such as email addresses and names) being shared in a database for advertisements. To which the individual has not consented. You need to assess this risk. Considering both IT security-related incidents and internal employee procedures.

Starting risk assessments without a template or framework can be daunting. A Data Privacy Management tool can be a significant aid. We have designed the Privacy platform to assist you in setting up the framework for risk assessments. It then guides you through the responses, providing examples and support. Privacy calculates the risk for you and visualizes where you should focus to reduce the risk.

Afterward, you can use the built-in risk management/handling module for this task. The Privacy Management platform helps you identify risks. Which you can then address (for example, by implementing additional security measures). And finally, it assists you in documenting your risk management, enabling you to report on it.

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Automation and Efficiency

Setting compliance work on autopilot is challenging. It will always require input from you and your colleagues. Especially to avoid overlooking important aspects like risks. However, larger parts of the coordinating and follow-up work can be automated. For instance, it's vital that your data processing activities are continually updated. Your privacy policy is reviewed regularly. And you actively consider new risks.

Moreover, you will encounter a constantly changing reality. This might involve your company establishing a new department. Or it could be because of changes in EU legislation. In such cases, it's crucial to have help. And a platform that can inform you about how your documentation is affected.

A Privacy Management platform can be highly beneficial in this regard. It allows you to plan compliance activities for the year. And delegate tasks to the appropriate colleagues, who are then notified at the right time. A platform can automatically schedule future tasks, giving you an ongoing overview of how the plan is being executed.

You might also find that our Privacy Management platform alerts you to updates in GDPR legislation. And show you how your documentation is impacted. The platform can generate a list for you to review and guides you on what actions to take.

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Handle compliance for multiple group companies

Do you work as a GDPR responsible or DPO in a large organization with multiple companies and colleagues across borders? The larger the conglomerate you need to oversee, the more challenging your compliance task becomes.

In such cases, a Data Privacy Management system is not just an option but a necessity. It can be difficult to find software designed to handle larger conglomerates with 50+ companies. Each needs to present a record, but without having to enter the same information 50 times.

But, in the Privacy platform, we have considered complex corporate structures from the beginning. This approach allows you to reuse documentation where it makes sense. Without the need for double entry. It provides the flexibility to overview documentation for all companies at a glance. And to zoom in on the documentation for a specific company.

So, if you are already working in a larger conglomerate today or want to prepare for a future where your conglomerate grows? Our Privacy management software is a very good choice to help you with just that.

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Start using Privacy by signing up for our free Starter plan and upgrade to one of our paid plans if you need more features. With the paid plans, there's no commitment, so you're free to choose the platform that best suits your needs. Should you want an Enterprise plan, which offers unlimited usage at a fixed price, you are always welcome to contact us.



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What Is Privacy Management & What Are Privacy Management Software Tools?

Privacy Management involves managing and protecting personal data in an ethical and legal manner. This concept is crucial in the digital age, where data can be easily collected, processed, and shared. An effective Privacy Management strategy ensures trust and compliance with legislation, which is essential for companies operating in the digital world.

Privacy Management Software tools play a key role in this process. They help organizations automate the management of personal data, comply with various data protection regulations such as GDPR, and minimize the risk of data errors and breaches. These tools offer features like data mapping, risk assessment, compliance monitoring, and reporting. They enable businesses to have a clear overview of how personal data is handled, while supporting the company's data ethics and security policies.

Choosing the Best Privacy Management Software

When selecting the right Privacy Management Software, there are several important factors to consider. The first step is to assess how the software aligns with current legislation and regulatory requirements, such as GDPR. This ensures that your organization complies with the necessary standards and avoids potential fines or legal consequences.

Scalability is also a critical factor. The software should be able to grow and adapt as your business evolves, meaning it should handle an increased volume and complexity of data over time.

User-friendliness is crucial to ensure that all employees, regardless of their technical skills, can use the software effectively. An intuitive interface and clear instructions can make a significant difference.

Customization options are also important. The software should be adaptable to your organization's specific needs, including different types of data, business processes, and compliance requirements.

Finally, consider the customer support and training offered by the software provider. Good support and training resources can help your organization maximize the full potential of the software and ensure a smooth implementation process.

By taking these factors into account, you can choose a Privacy Management Software that not only meets your current needs but also supports your organization's long-term success and compliance goals.

Read more about the Privacy GDPR software from .legal, and it's prices here. And read more about Privacy ISMS and it's prices here.


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