A Day in the Heart of Legal Tech: Reflections from TechTorget in Oslo



On October 17th, we participated with great enthusiasm at TechTorget in Oslo, a conference focused on the latest innovations and trends in legal tech. As partners of TechTorget, it was a unique opportunity for us to showcase our contributions to legal and compliance tech with our products.

Technology Meets the Legal Industry

In a world of rapid technological advancement, the legal industry is also undergoing a transformation. Technology offers the possibility to perform tasks more efficiently and accurately, benefiting both lawyers and their clients. In this context, TechTorget serves as an essential meeting place for technology experts and legal professionals.

The growing significance of AI in the industry was a prominent theme this year. With the recent advancements in text-based AI that can assist in creating, reviewing, and editing legal documents, it's no surprise that AI's potential was in the spotlight. It was fascinating to hear how the legal industry is actively utilizing AI in their work and to see how the technology is being incorporated into many legal tech products on the market.

Engaging Atmosphere and In-depth Dialogues

At our booth, we were met with a stream of interested participants, eager to understand our products' capabilities. Our live demonstrations received positive feedback, especially regarding how our platform can aid in providing an overview and collaboration in the areas of compliance and contract management.

The high attendance and general enthusiasm about legal tech were inspiring. It was evident that law firms are as keen to share their knowledge as they are to learn from others.

Interacting with other companies in the legal tech area was also an eye-opener. Seeing the diversity of solutions, all with the potential to shape the future of legal tech, was nothing short of impressive.

Conclusion and Thanks

In closing, we would like to express our gratitude to TechTorget for a well-organized conference. Presenting our products in Norway and confirming their relevance outside Denmark's borders was a valuable experience. We look forward to many more opportunities to participate and contribute in the future.

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