Incident Log & Risk Management: Privacy - January 2024

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of two new features to our Privacy product. This update introduces an Incident Log allowing users to keep track of any potential GDPR incidents. Additionally, we are proud to present an enhanced risk module that facilitates comprehensive risk management. 

Incident Log
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We are pleased to introduce a valuable new feature: "The Incident Log". This feature empowers users to create and monitor GDPR-related incidents and get a comprehensive overview of all security-related events. Within the Incident Log, you can provide detailed information such as the incident's name, start date and time, cause, nature, and the types of personal data affected. Additionally, the platform enables users to specify potential consequences for individuals, companies, and services, along with the implemented measures to address and mitigate any possible harmful effects. Users can also indicate whether the incident has been reported to the data protection authority and confirm if affected individuals have been duly notified. This comprehensive tool enhances your ability to manage and respond to privacy incidents effectively. 

Incident log

Manage various versions of risk scenarios
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We're excited to announce an enhancement to our risk module, now offering the capability to manage various versions of risk scenarios. This improvement allows for a more dynamic risk-handling process. For instance, you might conduct an initial risk assessment before implementing mitigation measures, and later, perform risk management after these actions have been taken. As an illustration, if there was initially a high risk associated with a certain processing activity, and subsequent measures were implemented to mitigate this risk, these changes can now be accurately documented and tracked within the risk module. This feature ensures a more nuanced and responsive approach to risk management within our platform.


Risk management


We hope you will enjoy the new features 🎉

Get the full overview of these and all existing features here.

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