Release note: New features in Privacy 🌟

We are excited to announce the latest enhancement to our Privacy product! With this update, we've introduced two new features - designed to further streamline your data security and compliance efforts.

Add audit type and frequency to company

It is now possible to add audit type and audit frequency to a company. Tailor your auditing process by selecting from a variety of predefined audit types, including statement, audit statement, written confirmation and self assessment. You can also set an audit frequency to define how often audits should be conducted with the company's risk assessment in mind. 


Furthermore, you can add completed audits, enabling you to have a comprehensive overview of all audits that have been completed within a company.

Completed audits

From the company overview you will be able to see the audit type of the latest audit and the date of completion. 

Latest audits

Transfer responsibility (Pro feature)

You now have the ability to seamlessly shift responsibility from one user to another across multiple functions at once. This feature proves particularly valuable in scenarios such as when an employee departs or during a restructuring, ensuring a smooth transition of responsibility for specific tasks to another team member.

The functions you can choose to transfer responsibility from are processing activities, systems, documents, transfers and annual tasks. 

Transfer responsibility

We hope you will enjoy the new features 🎉



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